The 3rd Q! Film Festival 2004
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Q! Film Festival is organised by a non-profit organisation called Q-munity 


  • John Badalu (Director and Film Programmer)

A permanent freelancer in arts management and journalism, he's been also a temporary nomad rumbling European film festivals over the past year. He's now can be easily found in the artsy-fartsy circle in Jakarta. He has a fetish on ice cream, by the way.

  • Venerdi Handojo (Board of Directors, Treasurer, Co-Programmer)

As an acute social climber. he successfully made a headline in the country with his script of a teenage flick that was banned recently. He is now writing more scripts to be able to make the headlines again.

  • Kenny Santana (Board of Directors, Co-Programmer)

His recent breakthrough is to enter the TV limelight. Currently undergoing a French language course to be able to speak the language of love, he likes horror flicks but is afraid to face the real ghosts.

  • Kathy Petite (Board of Directors, Administration and Hospitality)

She hasn't decided where to settle down whether it's going to be Jakarta or Bangkok, but she made it clear that she'd rather be locked up and chained in an ad agency.

  • Heru Harry Rahadi (Board of Directors, Administration)

As a foreign press correspondent and a native Indonesian (but he looks Chinese), he's finally giving up and studying Chinese language at the moment. He is a frequent toilet goer for whatever reasons.

  • Rizal Iwan (Board of Directors, Human Resources Manager, Monthly Film Screening Organizer)

As a panic-free person, he is drowning himself into the world of advertising. He's now a regular for extra on TV commercials and films.

  • Is Mujiarso (Board of Directors, Off-Screen Events Coordinator)

The most siletn person in the comittee, he is writing and writing for all different medias. He can be easily found in the groups of young boys.

  • Amanda Marahimin (Board of Directors, Film Traffic and Database)

The Iron Lady that's been strangled in the making of an epic film that she doesn't have a life at all.

  • Hary Carpijanto (Board of Directors, Public Relations and Administration )

He is now in "Missing In Action" status serving as a diplomatic slave in Cambodia.

  • Micamiana Mudayat (Board of Directors, Administration)

The architect turned to "Mother" of all the members, she is always busy traveling the route Jakarta-Bandung-Jakarta.



Q-Munity is founded in 2002 from an informal conversation among a few freelance journalists who are concerned about the arts management in Indonesia. They want to improve of the accessibility of performing arts and film appreciation to as widest public audience as possible.

The first activity that they organised is the Q! Film Screening (QFS). QFS was held in September 2002 for 5 days screening over 20 films about gay, lesbian and transgender. The objective of this activity is to give a positive image on gay people and is non-commercial. They didnt charge any fees to see the films and furthermore even helped an AIDS organisation to spread out their research report on HIV to the audience. During the 5 day film screening, the event was attended by more than 1,500 people. From the questionnaire given during the screenings, most of the audience had a positive response and feedback on the event. Some even suggested to do these kinds of events on a regular basis. Q-Munity decided to make the film screening as their annual activity and planned to tour the QFS to other cities in Indonesia.

Organising a gay related event in Indonesia that has more than 80 percent Moslems is not an easy task to do. QFS is the first ever gay and lesbian film festival organised in a predominantly moslem country. Q-Munity members faced death threats from a strong Islamic group. The government board of censorship was pretty against the nature of the event. Still, the courageous members of Q-Munity went on with the plan. Nothing harmful happened during the film screenings. Naturally, little financial contributions, sponsors or fundings Q-Munity received. The government would not approve such activities. The commercial sponsors were too scared to be associated with the gay issues and would ruin their corporate image. However, Q-Munity members took out their own savings to make the film screenings running with the help of some personal donation and the some foreign cultural institutions gave their venues free of charge.

September 2003, Q-Munity organized the second Q! Film Festival. They call it a festival because its becoming the biggest film festival in Indonesia so far this year, (bigger than Jakarta International Film Festival, British Film Festival, French Film Festival in terms of number of films, number of screenings, number of venues and longer period of time) featuring 51 films with plenty of fringe events such as painting exhibition from Agung Kurniawan, photo exhibition by 6 gay and lesbian photographers, a literature talk by a New York novelist Jamie James, three panel discussions and four international guests from Canada, United Kingdom, and Japan attending the festival. The 10-day film screenings was attended by 4,000 people.